Tuesday , April 13 2021

Bigg Boss fame Rahul Vaidya marries with Disha Parmar? Photo Viral on the Internet

Bigg Boss 14 fans love the pair of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar since the show. Often, questions are asked about the marriage of these two. However, these two never explicitly stated the date of marriage. But the photo of Rahul’s groom’s dress and bride’s Disha is becoming viral on social media. Fans have been shocked to see these photos. Everyone is wondering whether these two have secretly got married?Photos of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s wedding couple are getting viral on social media. At the same time, as these photos go viral, it is being speculated that both of them have secretly got married, but this is not the truth. Disha and Rahul are going to come together in a music video, the photos taken during the shooting of the same are stirring up. Both are going to be seen as bride and groom in a song. In these photos, the Disha made by the bride looks very beautiful, while Rahul is also looking at the groom’s veneer.Fans are expressing their love on this photoshoot of Rahul and Disha. Rahul Vaidya, who has made his special place in the entire country with ‘Bigg Boss 14’, proposed to his lady love Disha Parmar for marriage in a very romantic style during the show itself. On Valentine’s Week, Disha gave her consent in front of everyone in the house. Since then, the fans of Rahul-Disha have been waiting for their wedding. Although Rahul has told many times that he is going to get married to Disha soon. Now after seeing these photos, the fans want to see both of them tied in the bond of marriage as soon as possible.

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