Saturday , October 23 2021

Bengal elections: workers returning to Bengal to vote, development work affected

Gorakhpur: The stirring of the Assembly elections to be held in Bengal has spoiled the mathematics of the development work being done in the city of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. There is a shortage of laborers working at various sites here. Thousands have turned to Bengal with the intention of exercising their vote in the elections, while several hundred Bengalis are preparing to give an application for taking leave.

Although every section which has a political understanding is discussing about Bengal elections, but there is a special movement in Bengali society about it. More than 30 thousand Bengalis living in Gorakhpur are keeping an eye on every election activity. More than 1000 people working in NE Railways and other departments will also decide the fate of candidates in their respective fields.

The first phase of the election in the eight-phase Bengal election is on 27 March. The result will come on May 2. About 30 thousand people of Bengali society living in Gorakhpur have started getting active about this election. However, a large number of these are also people who have become permanently residents of Gorakhpur. Despite this, the attachment of the soil is pulling him towards this election.

NE Railway has about 1000 employees from West Bengal. Many have prepared to seek leave in the department for votes. Similarly, more than a thousand Bengal laborers work at various sites in Gorakhpur. A large number of these workers have returned. A large number of Bengali laborers were working in Journalistapuram, fertilizer factory in Multilevel parking, AIIMS, Manbella. But most of the laborers coming to the 45-day agreement have turned to Bengal. Now barely 200 laborers are working here. It is to be told that the fragrance of going to Bengal to vote in these is also being seen.

Contractor Deepak Singh says that even during the Corona era, more than 1000 laborers were working at various sites in Gorakhpur. As of today, there are 200 laborers. The workers who have gone, they are talking of withdrawal only after the elections. Suresh Mahato of Medinipur working on a site in Golghar says that there is an interesting battle in Bengal in this election. Will go to vote for the candidate of your choice.

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