Tuesday , October 19 2021

Before parting from each other, the couple of elephants did something that filled their eyes

Friends, Emotion is such a thing which is found not only in humans but also in animals. These emotions become even deeper when someone is involved in them. Many of you will know very well what it is to be separated from yourself. But many times we humans become so mean that they only think about themselves and forget to think about the animals around us. Like humans, animals are also emotional and understand the resurgent NATO. For example, you must have seen many times about the relationship between mother and son and care of animals. But this relationship and emotion is not only in the mother and son but also with the companions. Especially that some special animals are more sensitive to their partner.

Elephants are considered the fastest memory in animals. Once he sees someone, he is not forgotten for many years. These elephants form a herd in the forests and do not leave each other for many years. But due to their personal benefits, people catch these elephants from the forest and use them in different places. Elephants are the most used in places like circus, bird house, tourism, wedding, religious programs etc. When we see an elephant at any of these places, we become very happy and move forward. But the truth behind this is very pathetic.

In most cases, care is taken to maintain elephants. Along with this, they are forced to part with their peers or children again and again. One such scene has been seen in a picture viral on the internet these days. This picture has been shared on Facebook by a user named Saumya Vidyakar. Thousands of people have also commented on this picture.

What is special about this picture?

The special thing of this picture is that the emotion between the two elephants has been captured with great emotion. In the picture, two elephants are riding in different trucks. It seems that these elephants are being transferred somewhere. In such a situation, when separated from each other, these elephants are saying goodbye with great emotion. Perhaps they came to know that this is the last meeting of these two. Therefore, through their trunk they hold each other. However, later they are left with the truck. These are very emotional pictures which tell thousands of things at once.

All the people who saw this picture on the Internet also became emotional. Everyone started saying that the time has come that we humans should leave these animals alone in the forest and do not use them for personal benefits. By the way, what do you want people to say about this picture, definitely write your answers in the comment.

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