Thursday , September 23 2021

Bear had accidentally eaten 30 kg of cocaine, now a film will be made on it

Los Angeles: Many of the world’s best films have been based on real-life stories, but hardly anyone would have thought that a film would be made on a bear who accidentally ate about 30 kilos of cocaine drugs. The film will be titled Cocaine Beer and may be directed by Hollywood director Elizabeth Banks. The film is based on an incident in 1985. Drug smuggler Andrew Thorton flew a few packets of cocaine while flying from Mexico to Georgia, USA. One of these packets fell in Chattuchi National Park, Georgia, and the pack was accidentally eaten by the bear and died a short time later.
A medical worker talked about this bear, saying that this bear had taken too much cocaine and that there is no creature on earth that could have survived after eating so much cocaine.


Andrew also worked in the Narcotics Police before becoming a Smuggler. He also studied law. According to a report by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, 40-year-old Andrew also jumped from the plane after autopiloting his plane but died because his parachute had not opened. Cash and guns and knives were found from Andrew’s. He was also wearing a bulletproof jacket and was also wearing night vision goggles. Andrew and Bear’s death managed to make a lot of headlines at that time. The script of the film has been written by Jimmy Vardon, who has previously been associated with projects such as The Roommate and The Babysitter. He is producing the film Phil Lord and Chris Miller. This will be the first time the two celebs are working with Universal Pictures.

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