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BCCI’s sexual harassment policy brings India players to its purview

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The BCCI on Monday ratified a comprehensive Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policy which also brings the Indian cricketers into its ambit.

Until now, the BCCI did not have a specific policy to deal the matters of sexual harassment. The policy is also applicable to office-bearers, members of Apex Council and IPL Governing Council besides the cricketers from senior to U-16 level.

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In a nine-page document in possession of PTI, the BCCI states that a four member Internal Committee will be formed to investigate sexual harassment complaints. It did not name the members during its Apex Council meeting on Monday.

“The presiding officer of the IC shall be a woman employed at a senior level at the Workplace (“Presiding Officer”),” reads the policy.

“2 members of the IC will be selected from among the employees, preferably who are committed to the cause of women or have experience in social work or have legal knowledge.

“1 member of the IC will be selected from a Non-Governmental Organization or association committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with issues relating to sexual harassment (“External Member”). At least one half of the members of the IC will be women.”

The complainant must file the complaint within three months from the date of incident and the IC will give seven working days to the accused to respond to the allegations. The respondent gets 10 days to respond.

The ICC gets 90 days from the date of complaint to complete its inquiry and forward its recommendations to the BCCI which will act on it within 60 days. The complainant or respondent can go to court if they are not satisfied with BCCI’s verdict.

“That must be done within 90 days of the receipt of the report of the IC.”

The penalties include censure, counselling, community services, warning, fine loss of pay, loss of seniority, termination of employment among others.


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