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Barati becomes seven-month-old son in this marriage, interesting story of mother-father becoming bride and groom





Lucknow: A seven-month-old son gets married at his parents’ wedding. Hearing this, you will go to the square for a while. Along with this, many kinds of thoughts will also come to your mind. If you read this story, you will get the answers to the questions arising in your mind. The case is from Naugaon in Chhat jur district, where a couple is married to their son Sakshi.

Actually, Karan Ahriwar, who lives in Kumhar Toli in Naogaon, fell in love with Neha Kashyap, who lives in the neighborhood. Both were ready for marriage. Both were not of the same caste and the village was the case, so the relatives were not ready. After that both of them decided to run away from the village. Karan and Neha ran away from the village and got married in Delhi’s Arya Samaj.

Both have been married for two years. After marriage, both of them had a son in Delhi. His name is Shivansh, he is seven months old. But Karan and Neha had never come to the village since their marriage. Because the family did not accept this marriage. But after two years, both of them got married in the same village and got pompous.

Actually, Karan’s mother had wanted from the beginning that the son be married with pomp in the village. But this could not happen. After two years, everything became normal in the two families. After that both of them were married again in the village. During this, the people of Karan’s family feasted on the entire village. Also called his relatives. The wedding ceremony was paid in the village itself.

Neha was written with Karan at different places on the walls of the house. This marriage is being discussed in the entire area. At the same time, pictures of this couple are also viral on social media. In which people are also having fun. Neha said after her marriage that we had run away and got married in Delhi. We have lived in an affair for six years before marriage. Police was also deployed to ensure that the atmosphere in the village does not deteriorate.

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