Friday , September 17 2021

Bank employees on strike for two days to protest against privatization

Meerut: Bank employees have opened a front to protest against the privatization of banks. Since Monday, bank employees across the country have started a two-day strike. Bank employees were also on strike in Meerut. Bank employees staged a sit-in outside Punjab National Bank and warned of a major agitation when privatization took place.
In Meerut, employees of all banks went on a two-day strike from Monday. Meanwhile, the bank employees staged a sit-in protest outside the Punjab National Bank and shouted slogans against the government. Bank Employees Union official CM Gaur alleged that the government wants to sell two banks of the country for one lakh 76 thousand rupees. Which the government has announced during the budget.
He alleged that the government was earlier harassing the employees by merging the banks. But now it has gone a step ahead and started to privatize banks, which will not be tolerated under any circumstances. He alleged that the government wants to do its best with the money of the public. Major offices of BJP are being opened in all the districts.
He warned that the two-day strike is only a warning to the government. If the government does not take back the decision to privatize the banks, then a big movement will be organized by meeting in the United Forum. Bank union officer Vijay Veer Singh has intervened with the Supreme Court in this case and raised the demand for a ban on privatization of banks.


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