Friday , September 17 2021

Azamgarh: Crash caused by sinking approach of bridge over Tamsa river

Azamgarh: On  Saturday afternoon, a major accident was averted due to the collapse of the bridge on the Tamsa River at Sidhari at the district headquarters. In a hurry, police officials including PWD reached the spot and closed the road. The biggest negligence in the destruction of the approach came to the Water Department. Due to water pipeline leakage, the approach of the bridge is being sunk.
The bridge over the Tamsa River was built three decades ago near Sharda Tirahe, located in the city’s Sidhari Mohalla. Questions were raised on the quality of the bridge itself at the time of construction, but it was ignored at that time. Thousands of people pass through this bridge every day. All vehicles going to Mau pass through this bridge. The bridge’s approach broke for the second time on Saturday.
According to officials, the pipeline of the water department has been added under the approach of the bridge. The pipeline was torn down about a week ago. Due to which the soil of the approach from the pressure of water was cut and falling in the river. The local citizens and the Public Works Department complained to the water department, but the officials and employees of the water department sleeping in Kumbhakarni sleep did not get sleepy. Due to which the soil of the bridge’s approach was cut down and the road on the Achanak bridge collapsed at around 12 noon on Saturday. 
The good thing was that there was no traffic on the bridge at the time, otherwise a big accident could have happened. In a hurry, watercourses, PWD officials and police reached the spot. The police closed the bridge with barricades. PWD is engaged in repairing the road. Local people say that the water tank has been torn for 5 days, the department was informed but the department did not repair the pipeline. The department itself was waiting for some big accident.
Public Works Department’s JE Arun Yadav says that the pipeline adjacent to the bridge is being cut by the Jal Nigam, causing damage. A notice will be sent to the municipality by making him feel that he should correct or close his pipeline. 


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