Saturday , October 23 2021

Jitendra Verma

Apart from diabetes, bay leaf helps in many other diseases, knowing that they will be used immediately.

Many times you must have used spices while cooking. Standing spices include lentil sugar, bay leaf, cloves, black pepper, cardamom. The use of all these things not only adds color to the vegetables but also enhances their taste. But do you know that bay leaf used in these spices is very beneficial for ...

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More hair is coming on your face, be careful, you may be a victim of this disease

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal imbalance problem in women. Millions of women are victimized by this disease worldwide. There are many women who do not even know about this disease. Due to this problem, women also have problems with conceiving in addition to irregular periods. The women suffering from this disease ...

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This Ayurvedic decoction will help in fighting corona, know the simple way to make know from Swami Ramdev

The entire world is suffering from the coronavirus epidemic. To avoid this infection, it is most important that your immunity system be strong. Along with the Ministry of AYUSH, PM Modi has mentioned this immunity booster decoction many times. This decoction will also keep you away from problems like cough, cold, fever.  According ...

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Big revelation of AR Rahman- said- the whole gang is working against me, rumors are being spread

Music composer AR Rahman claimed that there is such a ‘gang’ (gang) in Bollywood, due to which he is facing difficulty in getting work. Rahman’s remarks come at a time when there is a debate in Bollywood over “Insider and Outsider” (children of actors and actors from outside) after actor Sushant ...

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Actress Niti Taylor told her pain, said – vulgar photos sent to family, people make lewd comments

Niti Taylor, a famous 24-year-old TV actress, is troubled by trolls these days. Niti Taylor informed via social media that he has been continuously trolled for a long time. Niti TV is a popular young actress. Apart from ‘Ishqbaaz’, the policy has been an important part of shows like ‘Ye Hai Aashiqui’, ‘Web’, ...

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Birthday Special: When Mugdha Godse was giving heart to Rahul Dev, 18 years older than her, heart is special, couple’s love story

Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse, who was a semi-finalist of Miss India 2004 competition, is celebrating her 34th birthday today. He started his film career in 2008 with the famous filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s film ‘Fashion’. His performance in this film was so excellent that he was also praised by the film critics along ...

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