Wednesday , October 20 2021

Australian Prime Minister made a big announcement, now the crisis in IPL 2020

New Delhi: IPL 13 VS T20 World Cup: Australian Prime Minister has made an announcement for his country, which is going to make a big difference to India and especially the  BCCI. Although this is not a direct link to India, the effect is going to be very high. Actually, the Prime Minister of Australia has lifted the ban on people going to the cricket stadium. But the condition is that the stadium which has a capacity of 40 thousand visitors, only ten thousand people will be able to go there. Although this is Australia’s own internal matter, it is going to make a huge difference in BCCI. So far it has not been announced to cancel the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia. ICC meetings will be held next month and only after that, the final decision will be taken, but the discussions about IPL 2020 in India are fast. It is believed that if the T20 World Cup is not held, then the 13 seasons of IPL will be done in some way in October November, but now it seems that Australia is slowly ready for the right World Cup. Used to be. And if the World Cup happens, the IPL prospects will be clouded.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a further relaxation of the Coronavirus restrictions on Friday, including allowing 40,000 stadiums to host 10,000 stadiums from next month. This has increased the possibility of organizing the T20 World Cup in October-November. There will also be a Test series against India in Australia from December onwards. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is likely to decide on the fate of the World Cup next month. There is doubt about the Kovid-19 epidemic on the tournament of 16 teams. After the National Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that these changes would be applicable in events like sports matches, concerts, and festivals. However, these places will be able to fill only 25 percent of the seats of their capacity. He said that the states are working for rules that include stadiums with a capacity of 40,000 people from July 10,

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that there should be a big and open space for this. The seats should also be at a reasonable distance. There will be a need to give tickets so that people understand how many people were present in that program. It will be considered in the next few weeks. For large stadiums, work will be done with the Chief Health Officer of the state at every venue. He said that rules are being made for these places in collaboration with the Chief Health Officers across the country. New Zealand has announced that they do not have any active cases of Kovid-19, Australia is also among the least affected countries and there have been more than 7000 infection cases so far.

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