Monday , August 2 2021

Asteroid movement close to the earth? ‘Karma’ family living between Mars and Jupiter

Washington: The increasing movement of asteroids in space has attracted scientists to new thinking. When the asteroids collide in the main belt of the solar system, their fragments meet each other and start circling the sun. This debris is called ‘family’. Under the right circumstances, some of them come close to the earth. In a study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, researchers created simulations for the development of asteroids of the ‘Karma family’. It begins with the first collision. The results found that during the lifetime of this family, 350 members have come close to the earth and 10 can still be near the earth.

The Karma Family is named after the largest asteroid 3811 Karma that was discovered in 1953. Researchers believe that in the collision that took place about 137 million years ago, members of the family became members and spread. These are called carbobonacus canoderties. They reflect light and hence are difficult to find. University of Belgrade student and lead author of the study Deborah Pavela says that in recent years, the new survey has been able to detect the light coming from them and this led to the discovery of 317 Karma family members.

In addition to the gravity of the planets during this research, researchers also included the Yarkowske effect. In this, solar energy pushes the asteroids and they go away millions of light years. The study found that 350 asteroids migrated into the Curcwood Gap, an unstable region of the main belt and two-and-a-half times away from the Sun than the Earth’s orbit.


Here these asteroids complete three rounds with one round of Jupiter. Due to the influence of Jupiter’s gravity at a particular place, their orbit becomes oval and these asteroids cross the orbit of Mars and reach close to the Earth. It is believed that about 7 million years ago the first asteroid came under this effect and at least 5 members reach it every 10 lakh years. Based on earlier studies, it has been found that most such asteroids reach close to the earth. They live in space close to the Earth for about 20 years. Based on this, it has been estimated that currently about 10 asteroids will be close to the earth from this family.

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