Sunday , May 16 2021

Assistant choreographer Deeksha Nagpal stuck alone in her flat in Mumbai! is taking online dance classes

Maharashtra government has imposed a mini lockdown in the state after being disturbed by Coronavirus. All emergency services will continue during this lockdown, but no person will be able to get out of the house without necessary work. In this episode, Aligarh resident Deeksha Nagpal (Diksha Nagpal), working as an assistant choreographer with Anmashoor choreographer Ganesh Acharya, has been confined to her flat in Mumbai due to the increasing outbreak of corona infection in Maharashtra.If media reports are to be believed, Diksha Nagpal in a phone conversation said that a few days ago she came to Aligarh on Holi. If she had a slight idea of ​​the current situation, she would not have come to Mumbai. She used to live with her family in Aligarh. Diksha Nagpal says that there is a very uncomfortable situation in Mumbai at this time. Work in all the production houses has been stopped almost. People who have come to Mumbai from other states want to reach their home states as soon as possible.She further says that now that she has enough time, she is running dance classes through online classes. Deeksha’s father, catering businessman Vineet Nagpal, says that he is constantly in touch with the daughter through phone and video calling. Deeksha Nagpal is the daughter of famous music and dance teacher Meenakshi Nagpal.

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