Saturday , October 23 2021

Anushka Sharma’s fitness is inspiring people, ‘Sweaty Selfie’ going viral

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is well known for her performance as well as her fitness. She follows a strict diet and workout routine to keep herself fit and active. Anushka Sharma recently inspired millions of people by sharing her post-workout selfie.

Anushka Sharma shared a selfie on Instagram and wrote ‘Sweaty Selfie.’. In this picture, she is seen standing on the balcony of her house. The actress wearing a neon color top is looking very feet. She has tied her hair in a ponytail. Along with the selfie, Anushka has also shared an image of the middle of Mumbai.

Anushka Sharma shares something and it cannot happen if people do not like it. Both these pictures are becoming very viral on social media. Anushka follows simple rules to keep herself fit, which you too can easily adopt and stay healthy and fit.

Anushka told in an interview that she likes to do yoga for the fitness of both her body and mind. On the day when she is not able to do yoga or dance or she is on a shoot somewhere, then she walks for some time. Along with this, she likes home food more.

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