Tuesday , June 15 2021

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Family will leave Vanraj’s side after marriage! Kavya’s apology will not have any effect

These days a lot of ups and downs are being seen in TV’s famous show ‘Anupama’. Kavya and Vanraj are married in the show. Angered by this marriage, the family will refuse to support Kavya and Vanraj. Anupama has once again occupied the number one spot in the TRP list. Twists are being shown continuously in the show. Kavya and Vanraj (Kavya Vanraj Wedding) have also got married but the drama is still at its peak. What is going to happen in Anupama today, let us know through this article.

So far you have seen…

Till now you have seen that Vanraj and Kavya (Vanraj Kavya Wedding) have got married. After marriage, Babuji also enters the show. At the same time, Ba refused to accept Kavya as his daughter-in-law.

Kavya will do her home entry

In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Kavya will taunt Anupama after marriage, to which Anupama will respond very well. Kavya will apologize to all the family members, yet Baa will refuse to get Kavya’s house entry. In such a situation, Kavya herself decides to enter the house and takes everyone’s blessings by stepping into the house with Vanraj.

All the family members will leave except Vanraj.

All the family members decide to live with Anupama and leave Vanraj Kavya. At the same time, Kavya tries to assure Vanraj that she will bring back all the family members. Vanraj will tell Kavya a lot in anger and Kavya will continue to try to persuade him.

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