Friday , June 18 2021

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anupama will tell the children how to deal with Kavya! Babuji will make a shocking decision

Vanraj and Kavya (Vanraj Kavya Wedding) have been married in the serial ‘Anupamaa’. Anupama is also recovering after surgery. The Shah family will go back home from the resort and on reaching home, Babuji will take a bold decision, hearing that the ground will slip under Kavya’s feet.

These days many ups and downs are being seen in the TV show ‘Anupama’. Kavya is married to Vanraj (Kavya Vanraj Wedding). Anupama’s surgery was also successful and she is also recovering slowly. Everyone goes back to the house from the resort, but upon reaching home, Babuji will make such an explosion that the ground will slip under Kavya’s feet.

you have seen so far

Kavya apologizes to Vanraj for his behavior and Vanraj also forgives him. The Shah family leaves the resort and goes towards their home. Anupama asks Dr. Advait to play the flute on the way and everyone bids farewell to the doctor.

now you will see

As excited as Kavya is about marriage, all the family members get angry about the same excitement and narrate it to Kavya. Anupama’s children are worried about Kavya coming to the house. Anupama will show the children how to deal with Kavya. Pakhi becomes emotional due to separation from mother i.e. Anupama. On the other hand, the family members also worry about the matter of living without Anupama.

Anupama will explain to Kavya

Kavya will try to lavish her love on Vanraj apart from these and Vanraj will try to distance him from kavya. Anupama silences the children but she becomes emotional after remembering all the things. Everyone reaches back home. Anupama asks Kinjal to take care of the household responsibilities. Anupama also tells Kavya to be nice to everyone in the house.

Babuji’s blast

Babuji gives a wedding gift to Vanraj and gives his trust to Anupamaa. In the form of Amanat, Babuji gives one-third of the house in the name of Anupama. Knowing this, the ground slips under Kavya’s feet and all the family members become happy.

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