Wednesday , June 23 2021

Anupamaa: Rupali Ganguly lives in a luxurious house! no less than a Paradise

Rupali Ganguly, the lead actress of the serial ‘Anupamaa’, is quite popular. Rupali is also very active on social media. Rupali likes fans a lot. Rupali keeps posting pictures of her Lavish house on social media. Looking at Rupali’s house, you will think of doing the same renovation at home. See Inside Photos of Home …

Such is the living areaThe living area of ​​Rupali Ganguly’s house is quite large. All-white walls and light brown-white finish furniture should be kept in the living area. The TV set is also in the living area. All the members of the family spend the most time in this area.

Special attention is given to seatingThere is a lot of seating arrangement in the living area of ​​Rupali Ganguly. Dancing space in one corner of the living area as well. White tiles are also installed on the floor of the house. There are also fall ceilings and fancy lights on the roof.

Painting is special for RupaliThere is also an entry of other rooms from the hall of Rupali Ganguly. In addition, a large painting has been installed on one wall of the linking area. In front of this, Rupali has arranged to sit. Rupali has decorated the largest area of ​​her house in a very minimal way, which makes the hall look very special.

Ganpati is established hereAlong with this, there is also a separate space for worship in the house of Rupali Ganguly, where they bring the idol of Ganapati during Ganpati Puja. Rupali adorns her dedicated space well during Ganpati.

Fun place of Rupali’s houseAlong with this, Rupali Ganguly has also established Fun and cozy Place in her house. Rupali has heavily decorated this area. He has also installed ferry lights here.

Have fun hereRupali has also made a swing in her house, on which she spends her free time. There is also another swing in Rupali’s house. She also reads books while sitting there.

There is minimum setup in the bedroomRupali Ganguly’s bedroom is also a very minimal setup. There is a large almirah, dressing space, bed in his bedroom. Most of the time of Rupali is spent in this area.

Bedroom is quite simpleRupali Ganguly is prepared in her bedroom space. It is here that she spends a lot of love with her husband and son. Rupali keeps sharing many photos from this area as well.

The balcony is attached with bedroomsRupali Ganguly’s house also has a balcony adjoining his bedroom. She also enjoys a lot of fun here in the evening and the morning. Sitting in this area, Rupali sometimes drinks juice and sometimes sips tea.

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