Wednesday , October 20 2021

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anupama will know the intentions of Anuj Kapadia! will give this warning before starting work

Anuj Kapadia’s entry in the TV show ‘Anupama’ has given Anupama a chance to stand on her feet, which she does not want to lose, but Vanraj, Kavya, and Ba together are trying their best to bite her… There is a lot of turmoil thee days in the TV serial ‘Anupama’. Anuj Kapadia’s entry has created a storm in the Shah family. Another Anupama is fighting for her survival along with her family members. On the other hand, Vanraj did not like this flight of Anupama at all. Anuj had offered Anupama to become a partner, which Anupama has accepted and Vanraj is unable to embrace this.

Anupama will cry bitterly

Today you will see that Anupama will try to prove in front of the family that there is nothing between her and Anuj. Vanraj and Kavya will try to humiliate Anupama again and again, but Anupama is determined that now she will move forward and no one can stop her. Bapuji will take the side of Kinjal and Samar Anupama and ask her to move forward. Anupama will be broken by the taunts of the family members and will start crying bitterly. Anupama will now decide that no matter what anyone thinks, she will not stop.

The housemates will tauntKavya will be stunned by the fact that if Anuj Kapadia makes Anupama his boss, she will have to follow him. She will tell Vanraj a lot. Anupama will make preparations for her new beginning. On the other hand, Anuj will start getting happy just thinking about his meeting with Anupama. The next morning the family members will start behaving badly with Anupama. Everyone will suddenly start giving importance to Kavya. Vanraj, Kavya, and Ba will once taunt Anupama.

Will warn Anuj

In the coming episodes, you will see that Anupama will reach Anuj’s office. As soon as she reaches the office, she will warn Anuj that even though she is not a wife, she lives the rest of the relationship even today. Apart from work, do not keep any hope of any other relationship.

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