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Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anuj Kapadia has come into Anupama’s life! will end Vanraj’s game with his 5 motives

Anupama Spoiler Alert: With the entry of Anuj Kapadia in Anupama’s life, big twists will come. Anuj 5 is returning to Anupama’s life with a bigger purpose. A big twist is about to come in the TV serial ‘Anupama’. A new character is being entered into the show. Even before the arrival of the new entry, the makers of the show have created a lot of hype. Anupama’s life will change completely now. On the other hand, Kavya-Vanraj will get a big shock. The Shah family will also keep watching this person coming into Anupama’s life. The entry of this new character will revive Anupama’s life. At the same time, the period of fighting will end and you can also get to see Anupama’s romantic style.

The deal will be against Bapuji’s happiness

So far you have seen that Vanraj, along with Kavya, sidelines Anupama. He will deal with Anuj Kapadia. Anupama does not say anything on this, nor does Vanraj take any opinion from her this time. On the other hand, Bapuji is not happy with the deal, as he does not want to sell his old factory. Vanraj will do the deal against his will. Kavya is very happy with this decision and she has started making plans for her future.

Kavya will insult RakhiNext, you will see that Kavya will insult Rakhi and will kill her by giving a check of Rs 22 lakh on her face. Kavya will also break the nameplate of Rakhi Dave’s name and will forbid her to enter the house. Rakhi will say that if the check bounces, she will not leave anyone. Vanraj and Kinjal try to convince Kavya, but she is not ready to understand anything. At the same time, Anupama is taking her dance class and is hoping that everything goes well.

Kavya-Vanraj will not meet Anuj

After all this, Kavya and Vanraj will reach to meet Anuj Kapadia but will be able to meet only his manager. He will give them an envelope, which will look like it has the deal paper and checks, but there will be something else in it. Those people will think that tell Bapuji about this. For all this, Anupama and Samar will be packing things. Only then will Samar show Anuj’s picture, but Anupama will not pay attention. Apart from this, Nandini will tell Samar about Rohan. Samar will get upset knowing the past story. Samar will be angry that Nandini hid the truth of her old love from him. Anupama will get upset seeing both of them upset.

Anuj has returned with 5 motivesBy the way, let us tell you, Anuj Kapadia is returning with 5 motives in Anupama’s life. Anuj Kapadia is back in the hope of finding the lost love, he wants to get Anupama back in his life. After all, Anuj has wanted Anupama since childhood. The second motive will be to increase Anupama Dance Academy so that Anupama can fulfill her dreams. At the same time, Anuj’s purpose is to give Anupama a place again in the eyes of everyone and make Vanraj taste the fun. Apart from this, Anuj wants to take revenge on Vanraj. He wants to punish Vanraj for the deception done with Anupama. At the same time, Anuj Kapadia also wants to marry Anupama and make her his own. Now it will be interesting to see how many of these dreams Anuj can fulfill.

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