Thursday , October 21 2021

Announcement of the reward of two lakh rupees to the person who identified the person who killed the pregnant elephant

In the case of her death in Kerala by feeding a pregnant elephant in a pineapple with firecrackers, the United Federation of Residential Welfare Association of Hyderabad city has announced a reward of two lakh rupees to the identity of the crooks involved in it. Association General Secretary BT Srinivas tweeted, “I want to offer two lakhs to the person who will give information about the crooks who fed firecrackers by stuffing a pregnant elephant in pineapple.”


55-year-old B.T. Srinivasan told our colleague Hindustan Times, ‘It is very sad to read about this incident. I wonder how a human being can do this. Kerala has the highest literacy rate. Is such an act of educated people? Don’t they have a heart? I am very surprised and stressed.

Srinivasan comes from a peasant family in Vuyyuru in Krishna district. After graduating in 1985, he started living in Haranabad. Here he was engaged in stockbroking. He told that at this time he has some land in Toopran in Medak district where he now does farming.

He told that after seeing his tweet of the Kerala incident, many friends have come forward to help him in this work. He said that let’s see how much reward can be incurred for catching the accused, but he has announced to give two lakh rupees on his behalf. Srinivas wants to go to Kerala and hand over the reward to the person who named the accused.


He said that his only purpose behind doing this is to give the message that humming humans are as disgusting as it is for attacking wild animals. All are equal in nature. It is unfortunate that the law is not strictly against those who commit such cruelty. In this incident, the accused can hardly get three years in jail but they feel that the accused should get at least life imprisonment. Such people should be named at the intersections and should be humiliated in public. If necessary, the law should also be amended.

It is noteworthy that in Kochi, Kerala, some people, while shaming humanity, filled an elephant in pineapple and fed it with firecrackers. These firecrackers burst into the mouth of the elephant. Due to which the elephant as well as the child in its stomach was killed. ”

This disgusting act was condemned by celebrities and film personalities across the country

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