Thursday , October 21 2021

Anil Kumble gave the idea, what can a bowler take advantage of without saliva

Anil Kumble, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, believes that players will be difficult to manage due to the ban on saliva. Saliva can be an important contributor to the infection of this disease (Kovid-19) based on medical advice. That is why we have banned the use of saliva. ICC Cricket Committee Chairman Anil Kumble clarified that his panel is not in favor of allowing the use of synthetic materials on the ball. Kumble has already said that the ban on saliva is an interim measure.

However, Anil Kumble described how the fight between the ball and the bat can be balanced despite the ban on saliva. He said that with the help of the pitch, the balance between bat and ball can be maintained. Let us know that for the last few days, many big bowlers are constantly talking about giving the option of applying saliva to the ball. These include big names like Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Jaspreet Bumrah.

Kumble said a balance can be created between the bat and the ball by tailoring the team composition to suit the condition of the pitch. Kumble said in the FICCI webinar, in cricket you have a pitch. You can play accordingly. This allows a balance between bat and ball. You can leave grass on the pitch. You can play with two spinners. Bring the spinners back in Test matches, because in ODIs or T20 Internationals you are not worried about flashing the ball. What we are talking about is a test match.

Kumble said, why don’t we play in Test matches with 2–2 spinners in Australia or England. This is usually the case. The acceptance of the use of artificial material will not create creativity in the game. We can use some other substance on the ball. Our attitude has been very tough for so many years about what to use and what not to use on the ball. Our attitude towards the use of foreign matter on the ball has been very strict. We realized this. We should not play with creativity.

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