Sunday , September 19 2021

Android users should be cautious! Banking apps can be hacked, delete these deadly apps immediately

New Delhi: Despite all the security arrangements, online fraud incidents continue to increase. Sometimes someone’s phone gets hacked, sometimes someone’s banking account. Such attacks are mostly on Android users only. In such a situation, Google Play Store adopts many security parameters. But still there are some such apps or malware that can interfere with the security of the users. According to a recent news report, Google has removed some apps from its Play Store. The company has claimed that these apps were making inroads in Android devices through financial trojans.


These apps were making users’ banking security insecure. These apps were a big risk for those who had banking apps installed in their smartphones. This was revealed by a blog post released by Check Point Research (CPR). In this post, CPR had stated that it has been told that two programs named CLAST82 and Elinbot Banker were created. These are both viruses, with the help of which 8 hacking apps were activated which broke the security of banking apps present in the users’ phones and used them to steal money from the bank account.

According to the post, these apps were coming with a dropper that downloads and installs Ellinboat Banker and MRAT. This dropper, dubbed in Klast82. It uses a series of techniques to avoid detection by Google Play Protect Detection. Also successfully completes the Evolution Period. According to research, hackers hack the verification code that comes in the person’s phone with the help of these malwares. Through these codes, we transfer money from the bank account. Malware installs MRAT in the user’s phone. NRAT provides remote access permission to the user’s phone and then the phone can be easily accessed from anywhere else. According to reports, Klast82 is a malware dropper. They first attack Android smartphones and then steal the important information of the user from the finance apps present in the phone through the other program Allenboat Banker.

It has also been reported that the dropper app launches the downloaded payload when the malware-affected payload is successfully installed in the device. In the case of Clast82, the researchers found more than 100 unique payloads of Allenboat, which used to steal the user’s credentials and 2FA code. In such a situation, it is suggested to the users that if any of the following apps are present in your smartphone, then uninstall it immediately. Also do not install them in the phone by mistake. So let’s know the names of these apps.

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