Thursday , October 21 2021

America again targets the dragon under the guise of India, says China does not respect India’s long-term efforts

Washington: A top US expert overseeing the affairs of South Asia has said that the current situation on the India- China border shows that India can maintain status quo on its borders (Border Standoff). China does not respect long-term efforts. Ashley Tellis, the senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said that Beijing, with its ruthless antics, has compelled New Delhi to work with the rest of Asia to “divide and rule” China. How to deal with the new change in the ‘strategy’.


The provocative action China is doing
, he said, “The current situation on the Indo-China border shows that China does not respect India’s long-term efforts to maintain the status quo on the disputed borders of the two countries.” Telis said in his recent research paper that he tried to occupy new parts of the Himalayan border region, describing India’s internal activities as provocative in Jammu and Kashmir. If there are two difficult options before India, either try to minimize your losses or use force.

China’s devious moves forced India to
say, ‘By doing this, it has forced India to consider together with the rest of Asia to consider how to deal with the change in China’s’ divide, rule’ Go, which clearly shows that China’s strength is increasing. Telis said that as before, this time the confrontation was not geographically local and discrete, but the recent face-off on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh in the eastern region of Jammu and Kashmir has happened in many places which it shows It is said that this was discussed at a high level in China and military activities were also approved from the top level.

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