Sunday , July 25 2021

Amazing house of Bill Gates, know its special things

Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates has a bungalow in Washington. This bungalow is equipped with modern technology with beautiful interiors. The name of this bungalow located near Washington Lake is Shanadu.
It is spread over 1.5 acres (66,000 sq ft) with 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, swimming pool, 2,300 sq ft reception hall and 2,500 sq ft gym. According to a media report, this property of Gates is worth about $ 123 million (about Rs 777 crore).

The specialty of the floor of the house is that at any time the family members or the security personnel find out who is present in the house by the pressure of the steps. The house lights turn on and off by themselves. Music played in the speaker installed in the house follows the person present in the house from one room to another.

The walls of Bill Gates’s house are also hi-tech. Such technology has been used on the walls of the house, so that its artwork can be changed by touching it. Visitors to the house are given a microchip for inspection before they enter the house. This chip sends signals throughout the house.

# A 60 feet deep swimming pool has been built in Shanadu. The special feature of this pool is that it has an underwater music system. A locker room has been built near the bridge which has 4 showers and 2 bath tubs. A separate beach has been made for the gates. Not only this, the sand of this beach is also imported. This sand has been imported from the Caribbean Sea.

# The bungalow has a luxurious library built in 2,100 square feet. $ 30 million (about Rs 190 crore) has been spent in making it. 300 laborers have built this house together. Out of which 100 were electricians.

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