Sunday , September 19 2021

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Yes, it’s absolutely true. A place where people are afraid to go out in the sun. You’ve never heard. We are talking about Brazil. The people of Araras village, located near Sao Paulo in Brazil, are allergic to the sun, they burn their skin as soon as they come out in the sun. Suffering from a very strange disease – The people of this village are suffering from a strange disease. Due to which this happens. This disease is called a name exoderma pigmentosum meaning XP.

# This is a rare disease. Due to which the skin of the person starts melting due to exposure to the sun. Although this disease happens to any one out of millions, but here the whole village is suffering from this disease.

# Although this disease occurs to any one out of lakhs of people, but out of 800 people in this village, 600 people are suffering from this disease.

# 3% of the people around the world are suffering from this disease, there are thousands of people suffering from this disease in the world, out of which 3% people live here in this village.

With the increase of this disease, there is also a risk of cancer. The skin becomes red and dry due to the sun of a sick person. The face looks ugly.

Let us tell that most of the people here are associated with agriculture, due to which it is difficult to avoid the sun. In such a situation, their life passes in many difficulties. 

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