Thursday , October 21 2021

Alert! Rules for withdrawing cash from ATM are going to change from July 1, know what will be the effect

New DelhiCoronavirus (Covid-19): If you keep withdrawing money from continuously, then you should read this news. Actually, the rules for withdrawing cash from ATMs are going to change from 1 July 2020, which will directly affect your pocket. Explain that the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharamanhad decided to completely remove all the transactions when cash was withdrawn from the ATM by June 30, giving financial relief to the customers during lockdown amid the Corona crisis.


Transaction fees were removed for 3 months the Modi government had completely removed the transaction fees charged at ATMs for 3 months in April, May, and June. This decision taken by the government during the lockdown was a great relief to the customers, but now the customers will have to pay the fees for this. Let us know that the discount given on withdrawing cash from ATM is ending on 30 June 2020. Under this rebate, no amount of any kind will be charged on the number of times a customer withdraws cash from the ATM, but now this rebate is going to end. Explain that at that time the Finance Minister had said that the decision to remove the transaction fee was taken so that people do not have to go to the bank to withdraw money.


According to the ATM Transaction Guidelines, the charges will be applied after 5 transactions. According to the old guideline, if you withdraw cash from another bank more than 5 times a month, then you will have to pay the transaction fee. Customers will have to pay a charge for withdrawing money from the ATM more than 5 times.

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