Wednesday , October 20 2021

After luring Nepal into its court, China is now luring Bangladesh

New DelhiIn the battle with Covid-19 (COVID-19), China is trying to encircle India all round by provoking India and its neighboring countries. After a violent skirmish in eastern Ladakh, the dragon has accelerated the process of implementing his nefarious intentions. After provoking Nepal, he is now resorting to economic temptations to put Bangladesh in his camp. Significantly, there have been some gaps in India-Bangladesh relations regarding the revised Citizenship Act (CAA) and NRC. China is trying to capitalize on this.

Nepal has done away with India
. One of the tricks of China’s aggressive expansion policy is that by giving loans to developing and small countries, do them in your court and then do your own arbitrariness. Pakistan and Sri Lanka are examples of this. Pakistan is engrossed in the debt trap of China. Sri Lanka is also experiencing the consequences of the Chinese-made port. By saving the chair of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in Nepal, he has almost done this small country in his camp. It is because of Chinese influence that Nepal has claimed some parts of Indian territory and shown some parts in its map and passed it in Parliament and made it legal.

The relaxation in trade tariff
says that the Beijing administration is trying to trap Bangladesh in a similar debt trap. According to the information, China has given Bangladesh the lure of tariff exemption in trade. On behalf of the Xi Jinping government, it has been said that tariffs of up to 97 percent will be given in 5,161 goods that China and Bangladesh trade. It is said that such a proposal has been given by the Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh itself to the Jinping government.

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