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After dusk, no one returned from this temple, which stopped and became a stone…

There are many such places in the world, which are mysterious. No one has been able to know their secret till date. Even in the 21st century, people are shocked to know about such places. There are many such mysterious places in Rajasthan too. No one has been able to know the secrets of these places till date, but their discussions remain on everyone’s tongue. There are many such mysterious temples in Rajasthan. One of these temples is full of mysteries. It is said that if a person accidentally stays in this temple after dusk, then he becomes of stone forever.

Kiradu Temple in Barmer
This mysterious temple is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. The name of this mysterious temple is Kiradu Temple. People are afraid of the name of this temple. Tourists come here a lot, but people leave before dusk. In the evening, the temple becomes deserted. There is a scary reason behind this. It is believed that if anyone stays in this temple after dusk, he becomes of stone forever.

Sadhu cursed
there is a story behind this legend. It is believed that all this happened due to the curse of a monk. It is said that a monk had cursed, that is why if anyone stays in this temple after dusk, he becomes of stone forever. People say that till date no person has returned from there after dusk.

Although the beauty of this temple is very pleasing to the people. This temple is situated amidst the ruins. People often go for picnics here, but return before evening.

There is a crowd of people during the day.
The temple of Kiradu is famous all over the country. It is very beautiful. Very beautiful carvings have been done on its walls. That’s why people come to see this temple. During the day, there is a rush of tourists and tourists. At the same time, some people are so afraid of this temple that they return only after seeing it from a distance. Those people could not muster the courage to go inside this temple. At the same time, those who go to the temple, they return before evening.

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