Thursday , October 21 2021

Actress made suicide video, accused boyfriend for physical abuse and cheating

Chandana, Kannada Actress Suicide:  Kannada TV actress Chandana embraced death in a live video recording. The actress gave up her life by drinking poison in a live video at her home. Chandna was seen crying a lot in the live video. At that time she also had a glass in her hand which was full of poison.

Before making suicide, 29-year-old Chandana told that she is taking these steps because of her boyfriend. In the video, Chandna revealed that Dinesh is her boyfriend, who betrayed her. Meanwhile, she had also told that Dinesh also exploited her physically and financially. Let us tell you that on 28 May 2020, Chandna committed suicide with live video from her phone. On June 1, this news spread like fire.

According to media reports – Dinesh had also taken the actress to the hospital, but she died on reaching the hospital. In such a situation, Dinesh fled from the hospital due to fear of police. Currently an FIA has been registered against Dinesh and his family and the case is being investigated.

According to reports, Chandana and Dinesh were together for 5 years. In her video, Chandna had told that Dinesh had taken 5 lakh rupees from her. Dinesh also promised to marry her. But after receiving the money, he started ignoring them. Dinesh is also accused of cheating Chandana, meanwhile he also had relationships with other girls. Not only this, Chandana has also said that Dinesh gave her the promise of marriage and also made her pregnant.

The actress had also told that her family also knew about their relationship. In such a situation, when Chandana’s family went to Dinesh to ask for his hand, Dinesh’s family members misbehaved with him. At the same time, Dinesh also refused to marry him.

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