Tuesday , October 19 2021

According to Ayurveda, know these special rules related to drinking milk

Everyone knows about milk that is full of many nutrients and it is considered a complete diet. But for this, you also need to know at what time to consume it. Yes, there are some rules related to its use in Ayurveda, which not following can make you sick. So let us know about the rules related to milk in Ayurveda when to consume it, and how….

1. Milk can be consumed in breakfast in the morning, but keep in mind that with milk, you should not eat anything in breakfast where salt is used. Salt things should never be eaten with milk.

2. You can drink milk at any time of the day, but keep in mind that you should not eat salt or sour things immediately before drinking milk and you should not eat salty or sour things immediately after drinking milk.

3. You can consume milk even after dinner, but there should be a difference of at least two hours between your food and milk. Only then you will get the full benefit of it.

4. Drinking milk immediately after eating food can cause problems such as food poisoning, gas, indigestion, vomiting, abdominal pain, loose motion. This happens because food and milk made in salt and oil are of a conflicting nature.

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