AAP MP Sanjay Singh Country under an undeclared emergency

AAP MP Sanjay Singh Country under an undeclared emergency 
Image Source : PTI

AAP MP Sanjay Singh Country under an undeclared emergency 

Senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh on Sunday alleged that an undeclared emergency has been imposed in the country with the media facing consistent attacks.

“There is an undeclared emergency imposed in the country today. There are continuous attacks on the fourth estate. In this situation, adhering to true news is becoming difficult day-by-day,” said Singh addressing a media event.

“I am seeing that journalism has gradually come under the control of some industrialists, and I often think how journalism can be taken out from this web,” he said.

“One reason is that the cost incurred in a copy of a newspaper is Rs 20, but it has to be sold at a very low price. To meet this gap one has to depend on the government and industrialists,” he reasoned.

“The day this dependence comes to an end through public partnership, journalism will be free from this pressure,” he said.

Singh added that a campaign should be run so that true news can reach the people.

“Efforts should be made to devise the way out through public partnership,” he said.

The AAP leader, while addressing the All-India Federation of PTI Employees’ Unions, said, “If anybody is keeping journalism alive and making real news reach the people in the best possible manner, it is only the PTI.” 

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