Monday , April 12 2021

Aamir Khan’s friend Amin Haji also became Corona positive, completing the post-production of his film; The film will be released this week

Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s friend and filmmaker Amin Haji has also become Corona positive. He has confirmed this. His film ‘Koi Jaane Naa’ is due to be released this week. Amin told during the conversation that he has completed the post-production work of the film.

Amin is all set to release ‘Koi Jaane Naa this week

Amin said, “I have turned out to be Corona positive in the test. However, I have completed the post-production of my film ‘Koi Jaane Naa. In this way, we are preparing to release the film this week. I was just wishing that I complete the post-production of the film, then whatever happens to me, it doesn’t matter. I am asymptomatic and because of this, I did not even know if I have corona or not. Well, it had to happen because Aamir was with me at the screening of the film. First Aamir became positive, then Viraf Patel acting in the film, and now me. However, we are releasing the film this week. ”

Makers’ meeting to be held on April 2

Apart from ‘Koi Jaane Naa, two more small-budget films are set for their release. The film’s makers are not changing the release date of their films. Mohit Chadha’s film ‘Flight’ is being released on April 2. He has also issued a notice of this matter. Sharman Joshi’s film ‘Bablu Bachelor’ will also be released on 16 April. People associated with the film said that the makers plan to release it on a thousand screens. However, the makers are going to meet on this matter on 2 April.

Binay Mehta and Umesh Rana talked about the film

The same situation in the film ‘Aa Bhi Ja O Piya’. Its producers Binay Mehta and Umesh Rana said, ‘Corona’s circumstances are not very good. Apart from Maharashtra, some other states also have situations like lockdown. In such a situation, we are in the situation of weight and watch.

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