Thursday , September 23 2021

A village in Himachal where there is no laughing joke in 5 days

A human being needs every emotion to live a life. If any of these expressions are removed, then the meaning of life changes. One such emotion is laughter and joke without which it is difficult to imagine life. But something similar happens in a village in Himachal where in the name of tradition, husband and wife do not joke with each other for 5 days of the year. Now let us know what this is like.

This is a unique tradition in a village in Kullu district of Vabhumi Himachal. Here Pini village in Manikarna valley is such a place where husband and wife do not joke with each other for 5 days of the year. Not only this, women also cannot change clothes for 5 days. Women have to wear only plaques made of wool for 5 days.

This unique tradition is followed in Pini village for 5 days from 17 to 21 August. These days people do not even consume alcohol. People here believe that when the Lahua Ghod deity reached Pini, there was a terror of demons during that time. Bhado Sankranti is called the black month here and on this day, the deity destroyed the demons as soon as she stepped foot in a pini.

It is believed that this deity tradition started only after the deity had set foot in this village, which is still intact today. From then on, women and men do not laugh and joke for 5 days in the month of Bhado. At the same time, women carry on the tradition of wearing special pattas in place of clothes.

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