Dropping nuclear bomb in Ukraine will have dire consequences, America warns Russia

Russia continues to warn of a nuclear attack in the midst of a fierce war in Ukraine. Now it has come to the fore that America is constantly warning Russia against the use of atomic bombs. The US has made it clear that if the Russian military uses nuclear bombs in Ukraine, it will face very serious consequences. According to the report, the Biden administration deliberately kept its warnings against nuclear attack a secret so that Russia was concerned about how the US would react to its actions.

This information has been given in a report quoting sources. The US is issuing this constant warning at a time when Russia is continuously raining gunpowder in Ukraine and threatening to use nuclear bombs. Not only this, he has also announced the withdrawal of 3 lakh reserve soldiers to compensate for the loss in Ukraine. According to the report, the US State Department is also involved in giving this warning to Russia. However, it is not yet clear whether the US has issued any warnings after Putin announced the withdrawal of reserve troops.

‘Able to use any weapon, including the atomic bomb’

A senior US official said that this private message has been sent to Russia continuously in recent months. Putin is surrounded in his own country after the order to mobilize the Russian army. Mass protests are taking place in Russia. Former Russian President and Putin aide Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday that the land in eastern Ukraine would be accepted into Russia after the referendum. He also promised that these Ukrainian territories would be fully protected.

Medvedev said that Russia is capable of using not only this new reserve army, but any weapon, including the country’s atomic bomb. He was referring to hypersonic weapons. “Russia has chosen its path,” he said. There is no going back. Earlier, Putin had indicated that he would occupy the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. He said that I am not lying and will use whatever means to protect Russia’s territorial defense. He also drew attention to Russia’s nuclear weapons.