11 including 2 students killed in indiscriminate firing at 3 places in America in one day

A gunman opened fire at two separate locations in the Half Moon Bay area of ​​Northern California on Monday. 7 people were killed in this attack. While 3 people are seriously injured. The sheriff said the suspected attacker, 67-year-old Zhao Chunli, was taken into custody after an indiscriminate shooting.



The police found the accused sitting in the parking lot of the car. The police have also recovered the gun used during the attack from him. The reason behind the attack is still not clear.

Two students killed in another shooting incident in Iowa

A gunman opened fire indiscriminately at a school for children with special needs. In which 2 students died and 3 were injured. Out of which the condition of two people is serious. The firing took place when a program was going on in the school. Police said three suspects were arrested from the car 20 minutes after the shooting, while one suspect fled.

Sergeant Paul Parizek said after the incident that the attack was premeditated. This is target killing. However, the motive behind this is yet to be ascertained. According to the school’s website, 80 per cent of the students studying there belong to the minority community.

Third shooting in Chicago, two dead

The third shooting took place late at night in a Chicago apartment. In which 2 people died, while 3 people were seriously injured. Police said that several people were involved in the incident. However, no arrest has been made so far. According to the Deputy Police Station, it is a case of encroachment.

Los Angeles gunman shoots himself

Police find the body of a 72-year-old suspect in a van in connection with the Jan. 21 mass shooting in Los Angeles, California. According to the Los Angeles Times report, the attacker committed suicide by shooting himself. The assailant opened fire indiscriminately in the Monterey Park area before killing himself. In which 11 people died. There are 5 women among those who died. The attack took place when Lunar New Year celebrations were underway at a dance hall here.