‘Away from politics, early elections’ Imran hopes from Pak Army chief Asim Munirath

Lieutenant General Asim Munir will be the new army chief of Pakistan. Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has put his final stamp on the recommendation of PM Shehbaz Sharif. Meanwhile, former PM Imran Khan’s party PTI has given its response on the appointment of Asim Munir as Army Chief. The PTI was hopeful that the new army chief would play his constitutional role and stay away from politics and internal issues. Not only this, PTI said, early elections are the only way to deal with the current crisis in Pakistan.

PTI expressed hope

PTI said that whatever has happened in the last 8 months has created a deep chasm in the country. The country and its institutions have suffered a lot due to the measures taken by the government during this period.

According to PTI, human rights are being violated on a large scale in Pakistan. Journalists and media are being harassed. Country’s well-known journalist Arshad Sharif was murdered. Imran’s party said, ‘We hope that the new leadership of the army will play a constitutional role, so that democracy is strengthened in the country and the people of the country can exercise their right to elect a new leadership in the elections.’

Who is General Asim Munir?

General Asim Munir is the most senior officer of the Pakistan Army. Lieutenant General Asim Munir is the senior most officer at the time of retirement of Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa. Recommendations for both the top posts in the Army were to be sent before November so it is up to Bajwa whether he will include Gen Munir’s name in those names or not.. Munir was DG Military Intelligence in 2017. He has been the ISI chief for 8 months in the year 2018. During this, many such things came to the fore due to which he was considered as a notorious officer of ISI.

pulwama conspiracy

All the decisions were taken behind the scenes when the tension between India and Pakistan was at its peak after the Pulwama terror attack in February 2019. Only General Munir was taking it. At that time General Munir was the ISI chief. Apart from this, Munir was the most important person in the military panel that took major decisions on security policies and Pakistan’s response during the attack. He had even said that the new ISI chief should take responsibility for the Pulwama terror attack. The hanging was given only on the instigation of General Munir. The attack was carried out under the same modus operandi of ISI, which is always used to prepare terrorists against India.

Aware of every nook and corner of Kashmir

Lena General Munir was also the Northern Sector Commander and Director General of Military Intelligence before becoming the ISI chief. He is aware of every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir. When he was made ISI chief at the behest of General Bajwa, military experts considered it part of a larger conspiracy against India. Munir is also called an expert on Kashmir. Munir wanted to prove himself as the best ISI boss against Bajwa and the country’s government. Aware of every part of Kashmir, Munir used his experience and helped Jaish-e-Mohammed in the Pulwama terror attack.