On labor front, Kerala ranks first in the country, Gujarat-MP behind

There has been a big disclosure in the new report of RBI on the daily wage issue of the labourers. The figures for the year 2021-22 show that states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are lagging behind in the country in paying daily wages to the labourers, while Kerala is the state with the highest daily wages. According to the RBI report, the national average daily wage of agricultural laborers in 2021-22 was Rs 323.2. Agricultural laborers got 217.8 laborers per day in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh. In Gujarat it was 220.3. 726.8 of the daily wages earned by rural agricultural laborers in Kerala. Kerala followed by Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu contributed the maximum number of daily labour. Agricultural laborers in rural areas received 524.6 per day in Kashmir, 457.6 per day in Himachal and 445.6 per day in Tamil Nadu.

How much labor did the other workers get?

Male construction workers in rural areas got an average salary of Rs 373.3 in 2021-22. Here also Kerala was ahead and Gujarat and MP were behind. Construction workers in Kerala got a daily wage of Rs 837.7. It was Rs 266.7 in MP and Rs 295.9 in Gujarat.

Horticulture Workers: Last year the daily labor of Horticulture workers was Rs 329.7. These laborers also got the lowest wages in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The daily wage workers got Rs 203.5 in MP and Rs 216.5 in Gujarat. Karnataka gave the maximum Rs 368.6.

Non-agricultural workers: The average daily wage for non-agricultural workers was Rs 326.6. Male laborers engaged in non-agricultural activities in Kerala got a salary of 681.8 in 2021-22. 230.3 in MP and 252.5 in Gujarat.