signs of over conditioning

Over conditioning makes the hair more sticky as it makes the hair as well as the roots oily. This makes the hair look more oily. It also gets dirty very quickly due to heat.

In this way over conditioning can be avoided

Conditioner leaves hair looking smooth and soft and prevents breakage, and using too much conditioner at one go can also damage hair. It is necessary that it is used in proper proportion. Along with this, it is also necessary to wash the hair properly. Keep in mind that the longer the conditioner is left on, the more hair will benefit. Do not leave in hair for long. Do not use hot water to remove it from hair. Also, avoid using leave-in conditioner after applying rinse-off conditioner.

Here’s How To Repair Hair Damaged From Over-Conditioning

  • Use shampoo or dry shampoo to remove excess hair conditioner.
  • Wash your hair once a month with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Take protein treatment and watch hair growth. Its growth will be less due to over conditioning. Apart from this, the roots of the hair will also get strengthened.