The summer season has started. At this time there is a feeling of cold in the morning and evening. Now that the rainy season is going on along with the summer, so to keep yourself healthy in these two seasons, eat things that keep the stomach and body cool. You must have used millet, maize in the winter season, but if you consume it in the summer season, then the problem may increase. That’s why in this season you should include flour in your diet which helps you in keeping your body cool. So know which flour roti will benefit you.

These are 4 cold pressed cereals

wheat flour

Roti is such a dish which is made at least twice in the house. Use wheat flour in summer and it will help in keeping the body cool.

Gram flour

Chana is rich in protein. The flour made from it also helps in keeping your body cool in summer. Also it will be beneficial for health.

Barley flour

Consume barley water to cool the stomach. Like barley water, its flour can also help in cooling the body. Apart from this, its consumption is beneficial for diabetes and cancer patients. For this, eat barley flour bread in summer.

sorghum flour

Jowar is also considered beneficial for health. Its effect is cold. It cools the body and removes phlegm. Apart from this, it helps in weight loss and removes fatigue.