Items including iPad credit card of Annu Kapoor stolen in France

Bollywood actor and singer Annu Kapoor’s personal belongings including a bag, credit card and cash were stolen during a trip to France. Annu Kapoor informed the public about this by sharing a video on Instagram and warned Indian tourists traveling to France. On Instagram, he sternly warned France to be careful with pocket scissors. The thieves took Annu Kapoor’s iPad, diary, credit card bag and gave a message about the safety of things during the journey.




“I will file a police complaint as soon as I reach Paris,” he said. Here railway people have helped me in registering the complaint. So be careful, if you ever come to France beware of thieves and be very smart. A big incident happened to me. I thank God that I have my passport signature safe, but my credit card is gone, all the cash is gone.’ But this Bollywood veteran has said in a video that you should be careful that no such incident happens to you.