Tuesday , July 27 2021

99 more people Corona virus cases on Japan ship, 454 reached

Tokyo Corona virus infection has been confirmed in 99 more people on a cruise ship near the seaside area of ​​Japan. Japanese media gave this information on Monday, citing new figures from the Ministry of Health.

According to this, the number of confirmed cases of corona virus on this ship named Diamond Princess has now increased to 454. However, the Ministry of Health has not yet confirmed these reports.

Session of Chinese Parliament can be postponed

On the other hand, due to the threat of Corona virus, the annual session of the Chinese Parliament starting in March can be deferred. China’s official media reported this on Monday.

The annual session of the thirteenth National People’s Congress (NPC), the country’s highest legislature, is scheduled to be held in Beijing on March 5, according to an official announcement made in December last year.

The NPC Standing Committee will consider postponing the plenary session in view of the danger of corona virus, according to the news of the official newspaper China Daily. The postponement of the NPC will be an unprecedented decision.

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