Thursday , October 21 2021

94-year-old woman reunited with her family four decades after her disappearance

Bhopal: A 94-year-old woman who went missing from Maharashtra (Maharashtra) nearly four decades ago, has met her family again with the help of the internet. However, unfortunately, when this woman named Panchubai reached her grandson’s house in Nagpur three days ago, she could not meet her son, because her son had died three years ago. This woman was found walking in a pathetic condition on the road Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh by a truck driver in the year 1979-80and could not find a clue of where she is going to live.

Truck driver Israr Khan told PTI-language on Saturday that when she was found, she was badly bitten by bees and she could not speak clearly. He said that my father brought this woman to his house and she started living with his family. I was a small child at that time. Khan told me that we started calling him Achchan Mausi. She is mentally deranged and often speaks vaguely in Marathi, which we could not understand.

She said that I too asked her about her family several times, but she could not say anything. Khan also wrote about him on Facebook, but even then no clue was found about his family. He said, ‘She often used to say about Khanjama Nagar. This place was not found by searching on Google. After this, when I was in the house during the lockdown on May 4 this year, we again asked about his hometown. This time he told Parsapur. After that, we searched it on Google and found a Parasapur in Maharashtra.

After this, Khan contacted Abhishek, a shopkeeper in Parasapur on May 7 and told him about this woman. Abhishek of the Kirar community told Khan that there is a village near the town of Parasapur, called Khanjma Nagar. Khan said, ‘I sent a video of my aunt to Abhishek on WhatsApp at 8:30 pm on May 7. After this, he shared this video in the Kirar community. I got a call from Abhishek around midnight and said that this woman has been identified by her relatives. But due to the lockdown, he could not be sent to his house then. He said that after this the woman has taken her grandson Prithvi Bhaiyalal Nagpur to her house on June 17. The ancestral village of Prithvi is Khanjama Nagar.

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