8 lakh PPE kits are being manufactured every day, demand from the government to lift the ban on exports

Delhi. Indian Apparel Export Industry Organization AEPC said on Sunday that eight lakh Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits are being manufactured every day in the country. The organization has urged the government to lift the ban on the export of PPE kits.

Domestic exporters ready to play an important role in the global market

Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) President A Sakthivel said that there exist huge export opportunities for domestic companies in the global PPE kit market. He said that domestic exporters are ready to play a significant role in the global market for PPE. The global export market of PPE is estimated to exceed $ 60 billion in the next five years. AEPC has requested the government to lift the ban on the export of PPE kits.

Heavy damage to the industry due to coronavirus epidemic

He said that the industry has suffered heavily due to the coronavirus epidemic. The industry has started large production facilities to manufacture PPE by remodeling its production facilities across the country. He said that Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other countries have lifted restrictions on PPE exports and are receiving huge orders. Shaktivel said that we are afraid of losing the export market from competing countries. The production of PPE is more than enough to meet the country’s needs and can now be opened for export.

US and Europe big potential buyers

Shaktivel said that the US and Europe are the biggest potential buyers for this. He claimed that Pakistan received $ 100 million export orders last week, which could reach $ 500 million. Similarly, Bangladesh has also aggressively protected its work in global trade. He said that we should not lose an attractive global business opportunity and the need to take time to start PPE exports.

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