Wednesday , October 20 2021

451 deaths in Mumbai missing from the record! The government ordered an inquiry

Mumbai: Coronavirus (Corona Virus) has revealed disturbances in the record of 451 deaths in Mumbai. On the one hand, after the information came out, the BMC has said to update the data about it and on the other hand, the Maharashtra government has ordered an inquiry. Actually, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is responsible for keeping records of deaths. According to a report published on the Indian Express, the BMC data has shown some other causes of 8 corona deaths.


In the record of 451 deaths due to unnatural records in the deaths due to corona, BMC has told the state government that 3 deaths were actually due to unnatural causes (suicide or accident). According to the information, 20 other names are wrongly associated with the record. At the same time, 57 deaths have occurred in a strange way. It is being said that all these things have come out after a meeting.


Order for investigation: The government has ordered an inquiry in this matter. According to the state health secretary, Pradeep Vyas – We found that there is no update about 451 deaths in Mumbai. Later it was found that these patients had died but they were not added to the corona figures. He said that this flaw in the data will be investigated. If there is any human mistake in this, then it will be forgiven. But if it is done with any wrong intention, then we will take action. In fact, according to the guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research, it is necessary to update the death of every patient who dies of the corona.

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