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16 June History: Why is today’s day special, know today’s history

New DelhiThere are many incidents recorded on the date of June 16 in history. The most important of these events is about 55 years old when a woman from Russia first flew to space. The 26-year-old woman from Russia was named Lieutenant Valentina Tereshkova and started her journey from Russia’s capital Moscow in the spacecraft – Vostok 6. The sequence of other major events recorded on the date of June 16 in the history of the country is as follows…

1779: Spain begins a war against Britain.

1911: IBM company established in New York. Earlier it was named Computing Tabulating Recording Company.

1925: Nationalist leader Chittaranjan Das dies

1963: Lt. Valentina Tereshkova, a 26-year-old astronaut from Russia, flew to space via Vostok 6. She was the first woman in the world to have gone to the depths of space.

1979: 62 Sheikhs killed in conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

1992: Released a book is written on the life of Diana, the British bride. Releasing a controversial book on Princess Diana. In this book titled ‘Diana – A True Story’, Diana was described as unhappy and unbalanced.

2008: Gay couple allowed to marry in California.

2012: China launched the spacecraft Shenzhou 9.

2012: The US Air Force robotic Boeing X-37B spacecraft returns to Earth after completing its mission.

2012: Multinational soft drink company Coca-Cola commences business in Myanmar after 60 years.

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