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15th June History: Why is today’s day special, know today’s history

New DelhiPartition of the country is considered one of the saddest events in history. It was not just the sharing of two countries but also the distribution of homes, families, relationships, and feelings. The fate of the people changed overnight. If someone is homeless, someone is bitten by the sword of hate. If someone’s brother went across the border, someone left his family and moved towards it. A night before, people from two communities living like brothers suddenly became enemies, and this partition dug a hatred of hatred in the hearts of the people of both communities, which no attempt to bridge has been successful to date. 

In that sad history of Partition, the day of June 15 is important because Congress approved the proposal for partition in its session held in New Delhi on June 14-15 in 1947. Under the guise of independence, the British left a wound that never filled India. See some more events that took place on June 15 in the history of the country…

1896: The most devastating earthquake in Japan’s history and the subsequent tsunami that killed 22,000 people.

1908: Commencement of the Calcutta Stock Exchange.

1947: All India Congress accepts the British plan for the partition of India in New Delhi.

1954: Formation of the European Football Association UEFA (Union of European Football Associations).

1971: Proposal to end the scheme to give free milk to children in schools after voting in the UK Parliament. However, due to heavy opposition, it was implemented only in September.

1982: The Argentine army kneels in front of the British Army in Falkland.

1988: NASA launched space vehicle S-213.

1994: Diplomatic relations established in Israel and Vatican City.

1997: Formation of D-8 organization in Istanbul by eight Muslim countries.

1999: US permission to prosecute Libya for the Lockerbie Pan M. plane crash.

2001: Shanghai Five was named the SCO. The decision not to give membership to both India and Pakistan.

2004: President Bush’s approval for nuclear cooperation with Britain.

2006: India and China decide to open the old silk route,

2008: Scientists at Oxford University for the first time saw the position of big stars by blasting ultraviolet light.

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