Friday , September 17 2021

1.5 km long line on the road to eat biryani, people asked – is it free?






Only a true food lover can relat these and how it can happen if the matter is about food and Biryani is not given salute. Biryani lovers in Bengaluru have shown some amazing acts. In a video that is going viral, it can be seen that the people of Bengaluru put a 1.5 km long line for Biryani.

In Bangalore, a video of hundreds of customers standing in a queue more than a kilometer outside the restaurant went viral on social media. This video has been shared by a user on Twitter. The 1.26-minute video clip captioned “Tell me what this biryani is and is it free?” The video shows a large line of people in masks waiting for Biryani’s plate.

This video has been viewed more than 10,000 times so far. It is believed that there is a queue of about 1.5 km outside the restaurant. Since being shared online, netizens have been trying to guess the characterization of Anand Dum Biryani in response to this video. What do you say, you will go to enjoy this biryani?

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